bathroom stall

Bathroom Stall Story

The Stall Stalker

I always think it's weird when someone lingers in front of a stall, as if they're looking at you through the cracks. And that's what happened the other day, in a public university restroom. 
I was taking a rather difficult poop. I was at the last stall in the back of the restroom. This restroom had five stalls along one wall and five stalls along the opposite wall. I was alone at first. But in this restroom, you can hear activity from outside of it rather well -- including approaching voices and footsteps. 

So I heard the footsteps coming from up the hall. It sounded like someone walking with heels: Clock. Clock. Clock. Clock.. 

By the time I heard the footsteps, I was through pooping and gathering tissue in my hand. But, I was taking my merry time. I heard the clacking heels enter the restroom and start walking closer to my stall. 

"Is this person seeking out a back stall or what?" I thought to myself as she passed up all of the other empty ones. 

And then she stopped dead in front of my stall, and stood longer than the time it would take someone to realize that the stall is occupied. 

I could see the side of her through the crack. She was indeed standing, with her body facing my stall. 

That was weird as hell. I didn't even move to wipe my ass. I was frozen. I just sat with the tissue in my hand, waiting for her to move away from the door. I wondered if she wanted my stall. I wondered if I just took her usual spot and she was pissed at me or something. 

The next thing I know, she takes the stall right next to me. 

There are ten stall and two souls in this bathroom. Why linger at my stall? And then why sit right next to me? 

She peed for maybe two seconds. Then, silence. 

I had a feeling she was not done with her business. She was actually going to poop while sitting right next to me. 

Well, I wasn't having it. I was finished anyway, so I got the hell up and out of there. I was very tempted to get a glimpse of her on my way past her stall -- to just briefly look through the crack in her stall door, to make a mental note of what she looked like, so that I'd know the profile of the psycho. After all, she got a good glimpse of me. 

But, it felt like a weird thing to do. I never like to look through the crack. I mean, sometimes you kind of have to when you whisk by to know if a stall is occupied; but that should be the only reason, in my opinion. Anyone who stands in front of an occupied stall for more than a few seconds must be looking through the crack. 

I swear that's what this woman was doing. I honestly cannot think of any other reason. It totally creeped me out, and I had to tell Poopreport. 


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Bathroom Stall Story