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Lewis Black Comedian Video George Carlin Comedian Video Jerry Seinfeld Comedian Video
Dane Cook Comedian Mitch Hedberg Comedian Larry the Cable Guy Video
Jeff Foxworthy Comedian Richard Pryor Comedian Chris Rock Comedy Video
Carlos Mencia Video Bill Cosby Stand Up Richard Jeni Video
Steven Wright Comedy Eddie Murphy Raw Rodney Dangerfield

Sarah Silverman Stand Up Comedy Video

Angelo Tsarouchas
Official site for Angelo Tsarouchas, the comedian/actor from Canada. Provides bio, articles, upcoming shows, multimedia, and contact info.

David Steinberg
Official site of comedian, director, and producer David Steinberg. Includes biography, filmography, news, and video clips.

Andy Borowitz
Daily satire by the comedian/entertainer Andy Borowitz who appears on CNN's American Morning and NPR's Weekend Edition.

Dane Cook
Laugh out loud with Dane Cook, the American stand-up comedian and actor known for his successful comedy albums, movie appearances, and the HBO stand-up comedy show, Vicious Circle. Sites include bio, career overview. filmography, pics, interviews, audio and video clips, fan pages, and info about his albums Harmful if Swallowed and Retaliation.

Eugene Mirman
The marvelous crooning child, Eugene Mirman.

Bill Hicks
Find out about Bill Hicks, the controversial American stand-up comedian, satirist, and social critic through sites offering bio, news, audio clips, videos, articles, letters, creative writing, and a collection of the late comedian's best routines along with other philosophical thoughts.

George Carlin
Find out about George Carlin, the Grammy-winning American stand-up comedian, actor, and author noted for his irreverent attitude and his observations on language, psychology, and religion along with many taboo subjects. Sites include biography, interviews, filmography, photos, tour dates, as well as audio files and transcripts of his routines.

David Cross
Find out more about David Cross, the Emmy-winning American actor, writer, and comedian through sites offering biography, filmography, photos, album info, and official page.

Bob Odenkirk
Find out about Bob Odenkirk, the American actor, writer, director, and producer best known as the co-creator and co-star of the HBO sketch comedy series, Mr. Show. Sites feature career overview, filmography, photos, audio clips, and trivia.

Lewis Black
Enjoy Lewis Black's brand of comedy which deals with the absurdities of life and contemporary politics through sites featuring bio, tour dates, photos, fan page, video clips, and audio interview of the Grammy Award-winning American stand-up comedian, author, playwright, and actor.

Mitch Hedberg
Have fun with Mitchell Hedberg and his stylistic one-line non-sequitors through sites featuring his biography, brief career, filmography, quotes, photos, clips, and obituary for the late American comedian who stood apart from his stand-up comedy peers by his abrupt style of punchline delivery and unique pronunications.

Bob Hope
Read about Bob Hope, the English-born American entertainer and comedian through sites featuring biographical information, filmgraphy, radio and TV credits, photos, audio and video clips, awards won, performance tours for military personnel, and golf tournament played in honor of the veteran comedian and his work in vaudeville, Broadway, and movies.

Larry the Cable Guy
Learn about Larry the Cable Guy, the stage name of Daniel Lawrence Whitney, the American stand-up comedian, actor, and co-star of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. Sites provide biography, filmography, TV appearances, photos, video clips, and news articles about the funnyman who gave his voice for Mater in the animation film Cars.

Eddie Izzard
Amuse yourselves with Eddie Izzard's comic genius of surreal monologue and pantomime. Sites include biography, film and TV credits, pictures, sounds, reviews, articles, merchandise, and webring for the British comedian and actor known for his cross-dressing.

Covert Comic 
CIA humor from covert intelligence officer.

Jeff Foxworthy
Tickle your funnybones with Jeff Foxworthy and his brand of 'redneck' comedy albums. Sites offer biography, career profile, jokes, multimedia, and tour details of the American stand-up comedian, actor, and games show host also famous for Blue Collar Comedy Tour and Larry the Cable Guy.

Dave Gorman
Enjoy the stand-up comedy of David James Gorman, the British documentary comedian and humorist. Sites offer biography, career profile, TV shows, online chat transcript, and fan questions answered by the comic performer known for uncommon onstage presentations of true stories.

Al Franken
Read about Al Franken, the Emmy Award-winning American comedian, actor, and host of The Al Franken Show on Air America. Sites offer biography, filmography, news, pictures, media transcripts, interviews, fan pages, and sketch comedy series of the comedian author who is running for the 2007 U.S. Senate seat from Minnesota.

Andy Kaufman
Enjoy the anti-humor of Andy Kaufman, the American entertainer and performance artist through sites featuring life, filmography, TV appearances, fan sites, photos, audio clips, and impersonators of the comedian who adapted dada absurdist art to entertain.



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